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Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2016, 03:31 pm
My review on Chinese 360 Degree Wifi Panoramic Camera

I am 360 photographer since 2006, but I am using my old setup with panohead and DSLR with fisheye lens for making 360 photopanorams. So when I see this small "360-Degree-Wifi-Panoramic-VR-Camera" I was interested - is it really 360, could it become the new part of my equipment? So I`ve decided to give it a try. The specifications of the camera could be seen on it`s page on Banggood.
This camera could produce video with 360 horisontal field of view and aroud 180-200 vertical field of view - or, 360 vertical and 180-200 horisontal, if you turn it 90 degrees. Let`s try to capture 360x180 video, placing the camera on the ground, the camera`s lens is looking straight up to the sky. Than the best part of the image will be located in zenith, right above the center of lens. As close to the ground - as the distorsion of the image will becomes bigger and bigger. I would say that the part of the image in 45 degrees from the surface of the ground is distorced very strong. This is not good.
The other main minus of this camera - how you could expose the captured video? Yes, with the app on your smartphone - you could set any type of projection you wanna transform your video into. But that`s all the magic. I was trying several ways to keep the VR capacity of the video on uploading it on youtube - but the best I got is the "little planet" type of projection. There (youtube.com/watch?v=wB3_0Hu2z_o) you could see how the video from this camera is playing on Youtube`s 360VR mode - I don`t want even to put this link as the example.
There are other minuses - for example, I could not download captured 1.2 Gb file from the camera to my Redmi 2 with WiFi and 360XDV application - all 3 times the transmission interrupts near 90% (and it takes approx 10-15 minutes every time...).
Well, someone could choose this camera to get such kind of "little planet" image - while capturing the on-flight video - it be fresh and eye-catching, I am agree. But real 360 camera`s video should be supported by the world`s leading video hosting service - Youtube, and until that, a camera should not use "360 degree" in the name.